Awards Piling Up For Little Kamper Program

Sporting goods, hardware, and environmental groups praise the zero-waste alternative to disposable 1lb propane tanks

MANTECA, Calif., June 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- The first award notification arrived in July of 2021, late on a Friday afternoon. And like some good news, it was only the beginning. A month later, the second award was received at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market trade show in Denver. The third and fourth awards came in the first half of 2022. The Little Kamper is officially on roll when it comes to winning awards.

"Little Kamper is disrupting an ugly part of the outdoor recreation industry,"

This positive recognition come from a variety of sources, each with unique perspectives and values:

"Little Kamper is disrupting an ugly part of the outdoor recreation industry," said Doug Kobold, Executive Director at the California Product Stewardship Council. "Discarded single-use 1lb propane tanks are problematic and hazardous waste, costly to collect and recycle, and are bad for the communities where they get left behind or improperly disposed of. Little Kamper is bringing a sustainable choice to the retail marketplace and that's good for everyone."

The Little Kamper team is grateful for the recognition.

"These awards mean a lot to us because they propel our expansion into new communities and new relationships," said Josh Simpson, Vice-President of Little Kamper. "When people learn about what we're doing from award stories it translates into reduced fuel tank waste in parks and campgrounds. Recognition propels retailer interest and the curiosity of consumers. Plus, we simply can't afford to buy our way to the top of search engines or onto the ideal shelf in a retail store."

Reducing waste from national park campgrounds is a hot topic. The pandemic-driven boost in overnight stays in national and state parks across America is putting tremendous pressure on the recycling and waste collection operations in campgrounds. Single-use fuel cylinders are at or near the top of their list for problem products, so the Little Kamper is becoming a popular option in campground stores. 1lb tank exchange allows the stores to sell zero-waste propane without filling the tanks. And millions of Americans already use propane tank exchange for their 20lb BBQ tanks, making the process familiar. Little Kamper is just applying the same concept to a smaller tank in order to reduce waste.

The Little Kamper program started in California's central valley and has expanded significantly over the last 24 months. Now in 10 Western states, the program is preparing to open new production facilities and offer delivery from coast to coast. Please visit

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